Automatic Candy Floss Machine

Automatic candy floss machines can automatically make and sell cotton candy with certain shapes. There are main four models of automatic cotton candy vending machines for sale in YG Machinery, including YG-606, YG-503, YG-301, and YG-101. The equipment uses an AI humidity sensor, a new appearance upgrade, and a brushless motor burner. It is a new trend to sell cotton candy by this machine instead of traditional manual making. The machine attracts more and more people because of its fully automatic making process and beautiful appearance and performance. If you are interested in this machine, please get in touch with us to get more details.

YG-606 automatic candy floss machine
YG-606 automatic candy floss machine

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Main Parameters of the Automatic Candy Floss Machine

Model 606 503 301 101
Cotton candy shapes 128 48 48 12
Sugar storage


12kg 8kg 4kg 4kg
Size 130*65*220cm 130*65*200cm 90*66*200cm 75*67*165cm
Wight 320kg 300kg 200kg 200kg
Sugar output 1kg sugar can make 30 cotton candy
Voltage optional: 220/230/240/110/120V
Language display the machine supports 85 national languages and a bilingual display

Features of the Candy Floss Vending Machine

  1. Various cotton candy shapes are optional according to the customer’s preference
  2. Fully automatic cotton candy process, reducing labor cost
  3. New upgrade of appearance, high quality, excellent performance
  4. Fast candy floss making process, and the fastest speed is 30 seconds
  5. After placing raw material and connecting the power, it does not need one person to see it.
  6. Transparent window for clearly visible, intuitive, and dependable
YG-503 automatic cotton candy vending machine
YG-503 automatic cotton candy vending machine

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Why Is the Automatic Candy Floss Machine So Popular?

The robot cotton candy machine has wide applications in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, amusement parks, pedestrian streets, parks, scenic spots, and so on. It is profitable in the long term of view. 1 kg of sugar can produce 30 cotton candy. The cost to make cotton candy is low cost except for the machine cost itself. People who want to invest in the business need to do is to choose a good place to place the equipment and do some market research about the place they find. A nice place can help investors attract more customers to purchase the candy floss so that you can earn the cost you spend on the business as soon as possible. At present, the equipment has been exported to lots of countries and gets good feedback. Do you want to know more information about it? Get in touch with us to get more details.

YG-301 cotton candy vending machine
YG-301 cotton candy vending machine

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Automatic Candy Floss Vending Machines for Sale in YG Machinery

YG-606 has 6 candy containers with 6 colors and 6 flavors. Two seasoning boxes can customize the taste of small materials and add them to the top of cotton candy. It has 128 cotton candy shapes available. YG-503, YG-301, and YG-101 all have 4 sugar cans, four colors, and four flavors. YG-503 also has two boxes for adding small materials. Different from YG-606, the YG-503 and YG-301 types can produce 48 shapes of cotton candy, while the YG-101 can make 12 kinds. For their appearance, the YG-606 and YG-503 are bigger than the YG-301 and YG-101. People can choose the suitable model according to their actual requirements and their budget.

YG-101 cotton floss vending machine
YG-101 cotton floss vending machine

Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional machine manufacturer and supplier. Our automatic candy floss machine has been exported to Italy, France, Colombia, Denmark, Türkiye, America, and so on. The equipment received lots of good reviews and feedback. In addition to the automatic cotton candy vending machine, we also provide automatic popcorn vending machines, paper cup forming machines, coffee cup making machines, paper bowl making machines, paper carton erecting machines, etc. If you are interested in the equipment, welcome to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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