Small Down The Hole Drilling Rig for Sale in Mexico

At the beginning of December, we received an inquiry about the small down-the-hole drilling rig. We replied to him as soon as possible. After a few days of communication, we learned more about his requirements for the equipment. Our sales manager provided three types of drilling configurations. He finally chose one of them, the YGD100 model. After confirming and paying for this order, we arranged for our factory to prepare the equipment and accessories for him soon. Yesterday he told us he was satisfied with it. Customer satisfaction is our permanent pursuit aim. If you are interested in the equipment, please get in touch with us to get more detailed information.

small down the hole drilling rig
small down-the-hole drilling rig

small DTH drilling machine for sale
small DTH drilling machine for sale

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Parameter of the Small Down The Hole Drilling Rig for Sale in Mexico

Model YGD100
Drilling diameter 90-130mm
Apply rock ≥20
Drilling depth ≥25m
Drilling rotate speed 110r/min
Working air pressure 0.5-1.0Mpa
Air consumption 6m³/min
Cylinder diameter 140mm
Propulsion stroke 1070mm
Max. Propelled force 9600N
Electric motor power 4KW
Electric motor voltage 380V
Rated speed 1440r/min
Drilling rod OD 50-60mm
Drilling rod length 1025mm
Dimension 2280*440*550mm
Weight 470kg

Where Are the Portable DTH Drilling Machines Used?

The small down-the-hole drilling rig for sale in Mexico is suitable for small and medium-sized mines, road construction, and national defense water conservancy. It is also indispensable rock drilling equipment for the early mining conditions of open-pit mines, especially suitable for the rough terrain where other drilling vehicles can not work normally. It is widely used in slope support, quarries, water conservancy projects, anchor bolts and cables, highway and railway construction, etc. The down-the-hole drilling rig has the features of high efficiency, easy operation, low investment, and high economic benefits. It has fast chisel speed, high efficiency, good disassembly, and extremely convenient transportation.

small down the hole drilling machine application
small down-the-hole drilling machine application

small DTH drilling rig application
small DTH drilling rig application

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Maintenance of the Small Down The Hole Drilling Rig

  1. Add lubricant (butter) into the reduction box once a week. Drilling rig guide rail surfaces, piston rods, exposed parts, drill pipe threads, etc. should be lubricated at any time.
  2. If abnormal noise or overheating is found during the drilling rig work, it must be stopped immediately for inspection and treatment before continuing the operation.
  3. New drilling rigs or drilling rigs that are not used for a long time must be fully lubricated with oil mist before starting work, and oil-free work is not allowed.
  4. When the drilling rig drills 1000m, it needs to be inspected once, such as maintaining the motor, reduction box, cylinder, impactor, etc., and replacing worn and damaged parts.
small down the hole drilling rig for sale
small down-the-hole drilling rig for sale

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As a professional drilling machine manufacturer, our company not only has small down-the-hole drilling rigs but also provides diamond core drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling machines, small water well drilling machines, hydraulic mud rotary drilling rigs, full hydraulic mining drilling equipment, multifunctional crawler air water well drilling rig, 200m truck mounted water well drilling rig, trailer mounted water well drilling rig, hydraulic deep well drilling rig machine, rotary drilling piling rig machine, etc. Is there the equipment you are interested in? If you want more details, please leave your message, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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