Cement Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale in Kenya

Cement mortar spraying machine is the ideal construction machines in building projects. A customer from Kenya got in touch with us to learn more information about the equipment. Our sales manager discussed some details for the mortar spraying machine. Finally, the customer chooses the suitable model with 2 sets. The cement mortar spraying machine for sale in Kenya is electric type. We also supply diesel engine type if you need. More information to get by contacting us. We look forward to cooperating with more customers around the world.

mortar spraying machine
mortar spraying machine

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Technical Data of the Cement Mortar Spray Machine for Sale in Kenya

Conveying volume 3m³/h
Max. presser 3Mpa
Applicable material ratio(water, ash, sand) 0.7-1:1:3
Voltage 380V
Main machine power 7.5kw
Passable particle diameter ≤8mm
Conveying distance Horizontal: 50m, vertical: 30m
Hopper capacity 80L
Air consumption of air compressor 0.3m³/min
Inside diameter of the feed pipe 32mm
Whole weight 320kg

Features of Mortar Spraying Machine

  1. Compact size, easy to carry on site, low cost of the accessories, and simple maintenance
  2. High construction efficiency, good quality, small investment, and big returns.
  3. Adjust the flow rate to achieve the best spraying effect.
  4. Convenient to use, fast speed, high efficiency, save materials, save labor, save money.
  5. The cement plaster spray machine is equipped with an air compressor and does not need an extra air compressor.
cement sprayer machine
cement sprayer machine

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Safe Operations Need to Do for the Cement Sprayer Machine

  1. It is strictly prohibited to run idling without material or water in the hopper.
  2. After the work is completed, the remaining material in the hopper must be drained, and enough clean water should be poured into the hopper to clean the hopper. Start the pump, and clean the hose and nozzle.
  3. Make sure that all the material pumped out is clean water to prevent the remaining material from solidifying in the hose, and blocking hoses and nozzles.
  4. Fill the hopper evenly without interruption. When the conveying spiral rotates, it is strictly forbidden to use sticks to stir in the hopper to prevent injury to people.
  5. When spraying operation, the operator should wear a safety helmet, protective glasses, and protective clothing.
cement plaster spray machine
cement plaster spray machine

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Routine Maintenance After Using the Cement Plaster Spray Machine

  1. Cleaning and inspection of grouting hoses, air ducts, and nozzles
  2. Cleaning and inspection of the equipment
  3. Air compressor. Cut off the power supply, and air source, close all valves, and check all parts.
  4. Cut off the power supply to the electrical part and check all parts.
  5. Remove the booster nail and rotor, clean, and reassemble.
  6. Other handling of problems found during operation, cleaning, maintenance, etc.
cement spray machine
cement spray machine

Mortar Spray Machine Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional cement mortar spraying machine manufacturer and supplier. We have exported the mortar spraying machine to more than 20 countries, such as Armenia, Nigeria, Peru, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, Russia, Jordan, Indonesia, France, etc. As a construction machine manufacturer with rich experience, our company also provide other kinds of engineering machines, like mini concrete pump, concrete shotcrete machine, foam concrete machine, block brick making machine, mini crawler excavator machine, mini spider crane, rebar straightening and cutting machines, steel bar bending machines, and so on, if you are interested in these machines, please get in touch with us freely to get more information.

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