Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine

The rebar straightening and cutting machine is a rebar processing equipment used for straightening and cutting various types of steel bar materials such as cold-rolled steel bars, rebars, and hot-rolled round bars. Compared with other cutting equipment, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, lightweight, low energy consumption, stable operation, etc. The equipment is widely used in various fields such as houses, bridges, building construction, steel bar processing plants, etc.

Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine
Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine

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Technical parameters:

Model YGT 4-14 YGT 5-16
Diameter adjustment range  4-14mm ( Ⅲ grade steel) 5-16mm ( Ⅲ grade steel)
Wire pulling speed 50m/min 50m/min
Traction motor power 2.2kw-6 2.2kw-6
Modulation motor power 7.5kw-4 15kw-4
Cut off motor power 5.5kw 5.5kw-4
Cutting error ±0.5-1cm ±0.5-1cm
Wire Length 800-9000mm (can be lengthened) 800-9000mm (can be lengthened)
straightening degree ±2 mm/m ±2 mm/m
Weight 1500kg 1500kg
Size 2800*650*1200mm 3300*650*1300mm

How to cut and bend rebar?

  • The motor drives the belt drive and can make the straightening cylinder rotate at a high speed. Passing through the straightening sylinder, the steel bars will be straight, and and the rust on the surface of the steel bars removed.
  • The motor drives the two conveying pressure rollers through another pair of reduction belts and a gear reduction box, pulling the steel bar forward, and driving the crank wheel to move the hammerhead up and down.
  • When the steel bar is adjusted to the predetermined length, the hammerhead will hammer the upper knife holder to cut off the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving rack, and the knife table will return to its original position under the elastic force of the spring. The rebar straightening and cutting machine has just completed a working cycle like this.

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Rebar Straightening and Cutting Equipment
Rebar Straightening and Cutting Equipment

Equipment performance characteristics:

  1. Fully automatic CNC panel, reasonable design, and easy operation.
  2. It has a wide range of applications and can process steel bars with a 4-12mm diameter.
  3. Electronic digital scale, small footprint, easy disassembly, and assembly.
  4. The length and number can be input in multiple batches at the same time, and the computer stores the memory, which is efficient and convenient.
  5. Stable operation, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance.

Introduction to Equipment Operation:

  1. Input the length and quantity of all batches. (up to 20 batches can be set)
  2. Automatic production: After completing the set, place the steel bar that needs straightening, push the [Cancel] key to choose batches, and push the [Run] key. The machine will produce according to the length and quantity set automatically. When the equipment complete one batch, it will sound and light for 15 seconds, then produce the next batch automatically. Press the [Stop]button to stop the production.

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Handling of operational issues:

1. Handle winding of steel bar

When the steel bar is wound press the [Run]button; cut the wound section, straighten and take out the steel bar in the rebar straightening & cutting machine according to the steps.

2. Handle the end of the steel bar

When the steel bar is straight to the end, stop the machine and press the [Forbidden Cutting]button, warning light flashes every 3 seconds. Clamp the steel bar with the wire cutter on the outlet, and press the [Run] button, just straight steel bar not cut bars. Stop the machine and press the [Forbidden Cutting] Button, the straight and cut function display back to normal, put steel bars, and continue to produce.

3. Stop automatically, warning function

After one batch is complete, The machine stops automatically and alarm with light and sounds. After 15 seconds start to produce the next batch automatically, and when all the batches are produced will stop themselves automatically.

4. When the length is wrong, the operator can correct it.

It should be noted that the [OK] button must be pressed first, the machine must be stopped in the state of stopping, and it must be carried out when the number of batches of steel bars being delivered has not been completed.

Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine for Sale
Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine for Sale

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It is worth mentioning that the rebar straightening and cutting machine produced by YG Machinery can not only be used for various new steel bars but is also suitable for straightening and cutting second-hand steel bars. If you need other steel bar processing equipment such as the rebar threading machine, steel bar cutting machine, rebar derusting machine, pipe shrinking machine, etc., you can also contact us. As a professional steel bar processing equipment manufacturer and exporter, YG Machinery can provide you with professional equipment and the best price. Contact: +86 15937192512

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