PSA Oxygen Generator

PSA oxygen generator is an industrial oxygen generator integrating safety, convenience, energy saving, and integration. The raw material of the PSA oxygen concentrator is air. And the only thing that needs to be consumed is electricity, and the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology is a purely physical method, so it is safer. When the power is turned on, high-concentration, dust-free, and sterile medical oxygen can be continuously separated from the air immediately. It is widely used in food, medical, chemical, electronic industries, and so on.

PSA Oxygen Generator
PSA Oxygen Generator

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Parameter of PSA Oxygen Concentrator :

Model No. Flow Rate Purity
YGFO-5 5 93±2%
YGFO-10 10 93±2%
YGFO-20 20 93±2%
YGFO-30 30 93±2%
YGFO-40 40 93±2%
YGFO-50 50 93±2%
YGFO-60 60 93±2%
YGFO-70 70 93±2%
YGFO-80 80 93±2%
YGFO-100 100 93±2%
YGFO-120 120 93±2%
YGFO-150 150 93±2%
YGFO-180 180 93±2%
YGFO-200 200 93±2%

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Application of PSA Oxygen Concentrator

The industrial oxygen generator is widely used in all walks of life due to its simple process flow, low investment, and easy maintenance. It is widely used in metallurgical combustion, chemical, environmental protection, building materials, light industry, medical treatment, aquaculture, biotechnology, sewage treatment, and other fields. If you are looking for industrial oxygen generator for sale, please leave your message.

Industrial Oxygen Generator
Industrial Oxygen Generator

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Advantages of PSA Oxygen Generator:

  1. Convenient and quick to produce oxygen

Advanced technology and unique airflow distributor make the airflow distribution more even, and the carbon molecular sieve can be used efficiently, and qualified oxygen can be produced in about 30 minutes.

  1. Easy to use

The equipment is compact in structure, convenient to move, small in area, no infrastructure required, and oxygen can be produced on-site by simply connecting the gas pipeline and plugging in the power supply.

  1. Economical and efficient

Using air as raw material, the energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by air compressors and refrigeration dryers, and it has significant advantages such as low operating costs, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and small equipment investment.

  1. Mechatronics design realizes automatic operation

It adopts imported PLC to control fully automatic operation. The oxygen flow rate, pressure, and purity can be adjusted and displayed in real-time throughout the process, enabling unattended operation.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator
Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator

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Industrial Oxygen Generator System Composition

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrator is mainly composed of air compressor, refrigeration dryer, dealer, adsorption system, oxygen buffer tank, and control system.

  1. Air compressor: The air compressor provides raw air for the entire system. According to the air output of the pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment, an air compressor that meets the design conditions is selected for air supply.
  2. Cold dryer: After the air compressor pressurizes the raw material air, the high temperature and high pressure compressed air enters the cold dryer for cooling, drying, and impurity removal to obtain low temperature and high pressure compressed air.
  3. Degreasing device: The degreasing device removes the oil mist in the low temperature and high pressure compressed air to prevent the oil mist in the air from affecting the life of the zeolite molecular sieve.
  4. Adsorption system: The adsorption system consists of two adsorption towers and pipeline valves equipped with zeolite molecular sieve adsorbents. The purpose of continuous oxygen production is realized by alternating towers A and B.
  5. Oxygen buffer tank: it stores the finished gas (oxygen) and stabilizes the whole set of equipment.
  6. Control system: The engineer inputs the pre-written valve control program into the PLC controller, and adjusts the opening and closing of each pneumatic valve through the solenoid valve to realize the adsorption and regeneration of the adsorption system within a specified time.
Oxygen Generator Manufacturer
Oxygen Generator Manufacturer

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Oxygen Generator Machine Manufacturers

PSA oxygen generator equipment adopts an automatic control system, and its reliability and technical level have been fully affirmed by customers in the project practice process to meet the different parameter requirements of customers. G Machinery can customize oxygen generators machine according to customer needs. It has also achieved complete design, complete drawings, reasonable configuration, proper selection, reliable operation, and high-cost performance. According to the different requirements of different users in different industries for the use of oxygen.

PSA Oxygen Generator Plant Cost
PSA Oxygen Generator Plant Cost

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YG Machinery can not only provide you with an oxygen concentrator machine. But also a nitrogen generator for sale, glove making machine, meltblown machines, disinfection door, tissue paper making machine, and wet wipe machine to choose from. YG Machinery Company sells various construction machinery. For example, water well drilling rigsanchoring drilling rigs, core drilling rigs, pile breaker machinesmortar spraying machines, automatic sandblasting machines, fog cannon machines, etc. Now send an email to Get more product information and prices.

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