Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine Exported to Turkey

Wow! Automatic paper cup forming machine was exported to Turkey again! Last month we received an inquiry about the paper cup production machine. The customer wanted to purchase the equipment to extend this business. There are 70-90pcs, 90-120pcs, 120-150pcs, and other types for sale. The 90-120pcs is the most customers’ choice. And the customer from Turkey also selected this type. Besides, our Mongolian and Canadian customers came to visit our company and decided to repurchase more recent days. The automatic paper cup making machine is in hot sale in YG Machinery now! If you are also interested in paper cup production, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

paper cup forming machine before shipping
paper cup forming machine before shipping

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Why Is the Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine So Popular?

Nowadays, people’s lifestyles have changed following society. Paper cups have extremely wide applications in public places, such as restaurants, beverage shops, hotels, stores, cake shops, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, meeting rooms, and so on. Moreover, some people get together at a party and also prepare paper cups. There are so much demand for paper cups as disposable items, so more and more people are beginning to invest the paper coffee cup-making machine. In order to decrease disposable plastic cups, paper cups are the trend in the future. Do you want to invest in a paper cup production machine to start your business? Contact us to learn more details about the equipment.

automatic paper cup production machine for sale
automatic paper cup production machine for sale

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The Intelligent Control System in the Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine Exported to Turkey

  1. Multi-model modules

Use simple window prompts to guide you through selecting a model for your setup.

  1. Flexible parameter settings

You can back up, restore, or restore parameters to factory settings. You can also manually modify the parameters in detail.

  1. Flexible encoder origin setting, automatic direction setting, and fault self-checking.

The hardware installation of the encoder does not need to consider the location, just set up the software.

  1. Automatically allocate parking spaces and quickly drop off in less than one circle.

After configuration, the automatic paper cup forming machine exported to Turkey will automatically calculate the inertial distance of the machine, and the position after deceleration will be at least one step faster.

  1. The system’s key station sensor signals are automatically calculated and identified.

Molding failure can be encountered by simply operating the start button, and the system automatically tracks the signal based on the sensor, causing the mold to quickly stop between the two heaters.

  1. Stop the cup from being taken out automatically.

If the machine stops abnormally, because the heater is burned out and the adhesive is not strong, the system will automatically remove the heater and bracket positions.

  1. Intelligent temperature control of heating system.

By controlling the temperature through PLC PID, the user only needs to select the paper weight, single or double PE. The system will automatically set the corresponding target temperature, and the machine’s speed will change when the target temperature is automatically adjusted. Users can also customize target temperature controls.

  1. Hardware monitoring system, PLC touchscreen

PLC has an extended line real-time monitoring function, and an abnormal alarm in the touch screen prompts the cause of the fault. Detailed hardware and software fault information allows users to easily troubleshoot according to the prompts.

automatic paper cup making machine
automatic paper cup making machine

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Other Machines in YG Machinery

YG Machinery also provides other machines, such as paper cup sleeve machines, automatic paper plate machines, paper straw machines, 4-color paper cup flexo printing machines, packaging machines for sale, PET bottle blowing machines, etc.

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