Crack Sealing Machine

Crack sealing machine is one kind of pavement equipment for filling cracks on various roads. It is widely used in common roads, complex surfaces, irregular road surfaces, and so on. Asphalt crack filler is suitable for the asphalt or concrete road surface of expressways, municipal administration, airports, squares, industrial parts, etc. It plays an important role in pavement maintenance and construction. There are different types of crack filling machines in Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd to meet your needs. Welcome to contact us to get a free quotation. Email: and Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18337123872

crack sealing machine
crack sealing machine

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Technical Parameters of Crack Sealing Machine

Model YG-50L YG-80L YG-100L
Hopper volume 50L 80L 100L
Discharge method Self flow Asphalt pump feed Asphalt pump feed + hand-held tube
Heating method Liquefied gas Liquefies gas + heat transfer oil Italian diesel burner, heat transfer oil cycle heating
Temperature control Temperature sensor 180°(temperature control call) Automatic temperature control system
Filling speed 10m/min 15m/min 20m/min
Length of sealing pipe —- —- 5m
Walking mode Push-type + brake device Push-type + trailer
Mixing method Manual mixing Electric stirring
Power Configuration Solar panels + batteries Import 2KW generator
Dimensions 1200*700*1200mm 1750*786*1200mm
Weight 120kg 150kg 220kg

crack sealing machine for salecrack sealing machine for sale

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Crack Filling Machine for Sale

Small crack sealing equipment adopts a hydraulic heating system, leading oil recycling to melt the asphalt and pouring sealant quickly. The asphalt pavement filling machine fills cracks with great effect through the material from the discharge port. The material and the wall are closely combined by using pressure injection filling. In this process, the filling materials that include asphalt and glue are easy to solidify. In order to ensure smooth discharge, and avoid burning and aging of materials, the asphalt pavement filling machine with a gasoline generator to provide power, adopts a constant temperature control system in the material outlet.

100L crack filling equipment
100L crack filling equipment

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YG-200L Asphalt Crack Filler Machine

Type YG-200L
Power of motor 3kw
Fuel Capacity 21L
Diesel burner model Italy riello
Diesel burner power 20-60kw
Diesel fuel consumption 606-15 L/h
Hot melt kettle body Three interlayer
Conduction mode Indirect heating of heat conduction oil
Output motor Italy Riello
Mixing motor 550w
Dimensions 2500*1000*1800mm
Weight 300kg

YG-350L Asphalt Crack Sealing Equipment

350L asphalt crack filler
350L asphalt crack filler

Type YG-350
Filling material capacity 350L
Heating time 30-40min
Temperature range 0-230℃
Discharge capacity 0-30 L/min (adjustable)
Generator set Honda 5kw
Walking mode Trailer or self
Burner Riello44STI Diesel Engine
Thermostatic control SLA-5000 Temperature Controller
Length of the electric heating tube 6-7m
Hot melt kettle 350L
Dimensions 3500*1000*2000mm
Weight About 1000kg

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8 Features of Crack Sealing Filler

  1. Independent research and development on the integrated hybrid power of steam and electricity.
  2. The asphalt crack filler adopts electric drive technology, low emissions, low energy consumption, energy saving, and is environmentally friendly.
  3. It’s equipped with advanced intelligent ignition and temperature control technology testing.
  4. Unique oil jacket hot melt kettle design.
  5. The only thermal cycle heating system design.
  6. Efficient discharge system design.
  7. The whole machine is designed with a low center of gravity for safety.
  8. It adopts electric stirring and the anti-blocking design of a hot melt kettle.

some details of the 100L crack sealing equipment
some details of the 100L crack sealing equipment

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How to Use the Crack Filling Equipment?

Firstly, install its chimney and electric heating guide rod. And fill engine oil, heat-conducting oil, gasoline, and diesel well.

Secondly, open the oil inlet valve and oil outlet valve of the burner. Start its generator. Close the power switch. Connect the power supply.

Thirdly, set up the proper temperature. Test outlet generator, stirring motor, and burner.

Fourthly, place pouring sealant into the equipment. Turn the outlet generator when the sealant melts well. Turn on the switch that controls the filling device.

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What Should We Pay Attention to the Asphalt Crack Filler?

  1. When the crack sealing machine works, the first checking part is the burner. You can put your hands near the chimney to feel whether there is hot air or not. If the burner does not work, there are three methods you could try, including pressing the reset button, checking lines, and removing the burner to clean the nozzle or replacing one.
  2. Set up appropriate temperature for the three gauges according to the melting point of the material. The temperature of the material and pipe are the same generally. The red temperature on the temperature controller is the detecting temperature and the yellow is the setting one. We should pay attention to the former.
  3. Do not start up the outlet engine power, or stirring motor if the material does not melt enough.
  4. The churning device and output generator only support inching, otherwise, it will burn out the motor.
  5. The stirring generator only can work when the stirring paddle turns extremely smoothly. A stirring device is just an auxiliary means. Do not work for a long time.
  6. For the asphalt pavement filling machine does not discharge, separate the electric heating tube. If there is glue coming out from the equipment outlet, it means that there is a problem with the pipe. If there is no pouring sealant flowing out, check the motor, gear pump, and pump champer are blocked.
  7. Clean the pump room and check the line regularly.

packaging the machine before delivery
Packaging the machine before delivery

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Crack Pavement Filling Machine Manufacturer

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