Core Drill Rig for Sale

Core drill rig for sale, the core drilling equipment, is a type of core drilling machine for exploration and water well drilling. It is mainly used to survey and explore metal and non-metal solid minerals. In addition to this function, it can also be used in engineering geological surveys and hydrogeological surveys, oil and gas general surveys and exploration, and water well drilling. Are you interested in the core drilling machine? Get in touch with us to learn more details.

core drill rig for sale
core drill rig for sale

core drill machine for sale
core drill machine for sale

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Main Data of the Core Drill Machine for Sale

Technical parameter Model YG-XYX-3
Drilling depth 600m
Open hole diameter 325mm
End hole diameter 75mm
Drill angle 90-75°
Weight 3600kg
Dimension 2.9*2.56*3.3m
Spindle Speed 32-1057r/min
Stroke 600mm
Winch Max pull force 3000kg
Pull speed 0.3-1.9m/s
Rope diameter Φ12.5mm
Roll Capacity 65m
Drill mast Rated load 18ton
Height 6.5m

Features of the Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine

  1. The core drill rig for sale is equipped with a wheeled walking and has a hydraulic cylinder support.
  2. The whole machine is easy to move and convenient for horizontal adjustment.
  3. Adopt hydraulic feeding mechanism to improve drilling efficiency.
  4. The diamond core drill rig is equipped with an upper ball clamping mechanism instead of a chuck, which can implement pole reversing without stopping the machine. It has high work efficiency and is easy, safe, and reliable.
  5. Use a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole to indicate the pressure, making it easy to grasp the situation inside the hole.
  6. The lifting and lowering towers are not hydraulically operated, which is convenient and reliable.
  7. The diesel engine starts with diesel electricity to reduce the labor intensity of workers
XYX-3 core drilling equipment
XYX-3 core drilling equipment

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Functional Application of the Core Drill Rig for Sale

The diamond core drilling machine has a wide application range, such as geological survey and exploration, road and high-rise building foundation exploration, various concrete structure inspections, river embankment roadbed grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil water wells, and geothermal central air conditioning holes, etc.

Core Drill Rig for Sale in YG Machinery

Core drilling rigs can be divided into three categories: vertical axis type, turntable type, and moving rotary type. Among them, the vertical axis drilling rig is the most widely used type of core drilling rig. The YG-XYX-3 series drilling rig is a kind of medium-shallow hole core drilling rig. It is a vertical axis core drilling rig that mainly focuses on diamond drilling and adapts to the needs of various drilling processes. It can be powered by a corresponding electric motor or diesel engine. The drilling rig has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble and operate.

hydraulic core drilling machine
hydraulic core drilling machine

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Advantages of the Diamond Core Drill Rig

The core drill rig for sale has the advantages of small size, lightweight, good disassembly, reasonable layout, flexible and reliable operation, and easy maintenance. Its hydraulic system can control the feed pressure and speed to meet the drilling needs of different strata. It is equipped with a pressure indicator at the bottom of the hole for easy control of the situation inside the hole. The speed of the gear is reasonably designed to meet the needs of different drilling rig processes. It has large output torque and strong load-bearing capacity. The mechanical transmission structure is compact, the diameter of the vertical shaft through the hole is 96mm, the supporting distance is large, and the drilling rig has good rigidity.

diamond core drilling machine
diamond core drilling machine

core bore machine
core bore machine

Core Drilling Equipment Manufacturer

YG Machinery is a professional core drilling rig machine manufacturer, a company with more than 18 years of experience. Our drilling equipment has been exported to about 40 countries in the world. We received lots of good feedback because of the good performance and high quality. In addition to the core drill rig for sale, we also supply hydraulic core drilling rigs, water well drilling machines, small water well drilling rigs, rotary piling drilling machines, anchor drilling machines, auger drilling machines, horizontal drilling machines, DTH drilling machines, etc. If you are looking for these drilling equipment, please contact us freely to get more detailed information.

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