Excavator Metal Shear

Excavator metal shear is a building tool installed on the front end of the excavator as a demolition attachment. Its cutting part is shaped like an eagle beak, which is used to cut different things, such as scrapped cars, scrapped steel buildings, and other large steel structures. The hydraulic shear for excavators adopts a high-strength wear-resistant plate as a whole, with high manufacturing strength and lightweight. The double-sided guide friction block can be adjusted at any time to ensure perfect cutting. Its blades use high-toughness and high-strength steel to cut iron like mud. The blades are interchangeable on both sides and can be reused to greatly reduce losses. The new jaw design improves the shearing capacity and the material being sheared can be dropped quickly. If you are interested in the demolition equipment, get in touch with us to get more details. Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18337123872

excavator metal shear
excavator metal shear

demolition metal shear
demolition metal shear

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Excavator Metal Shear Parameter

Suitable forearm 6-9T 10-12T 13-17T 18-27T 28-39T 39-50T
Suitable big arm 4-6T 7-10T 8-12T 14-18T 20-28T 28-39T
Working pressure 35Mpa
Length 2000mm 2200mm 2300mm 2900mm 3500mm 3900mm
Weight 650KG 1100KG 1220KG 2100KG 3300KG 4700KG
Maximum opening 290mm 375mm 375mm 445mm 565mm 670mm
Throat depth 290mm 395mm 395mm 525mm 630mm 720mm
Front crushing force 46T 60T 60T 85T 135T 172T
Central crushing force 115KN 150KN 150KN 221KN 351KN 464KN
demolition metal shears for sale in YG Machinery
Demolition metal shears for sale in YG Machinery

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Advantages of the Excavator Metal Shear

1. Adopt alloy blade, 360-degree rotation, high strength, wear and tear, corrosion resistance, waterproof design, easy to install

2. Used in H-type steel recycling, steel pipe cutting, dismantling, disassembling a ship, disassembly factory, shear reinforcement

3. The equipment adopts high-grade steel, and it has a very good wear resistance.

4. It is fully enclosed, steel construction, designed to eliminate and reduce twisting or bending on either side

5. Connectable mode adopts boom connection hitch, jib connection hitch, I-frame connection

6. A powerful hydraulic cylinder can strengthen the closing force of the jaw to cut the hardest steel

7. The manufacturing materials have strong toughness and strength, which can extend the blade replacement cycle.

8. The oil cylinder hydraulic shear uses a speed-increasing valve, greatly improving the shearing force and shortening the shearing time.

9. The excavator demolition shear has a 360-degree rotation function, which can work in multiple directions

the blades of the excavator metal shear
The blades of the excavator metal shear

cutting blades of the demolition shear
cutting blades of the demolition shear

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Applicable Fields of the Demolition Excavator Shear

The excavator metal shear has a wide application in H and I steel recycling, heavy beam shearing operations of workshops, municipal projects such as demolition of old buildings and scrapping and cutting of scrap vehicles, furnace disassembly, equipment dismantlement, and other metallurgical fields. The heavier the steel, the more efficient it can be. It can add the speed-increasing valve system to increase production. The hydraulic shear for the excavator uses a HARDOX plate, with high strength, lightweight, large shear force. Its hook-angle design makes it easier to hook the material and cut the material. It is suitable for dismantling steel structure facilities such as heavy vehicle dismantling, steel factory metal ships, bridge dismantling, etc.

hydraulic excavator shear
hydraulic excavator shear

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Hydraulic Metal Shears for the Demolition of Steel Structures

1. The excavator demolition shear can rotate 360 degrees, with a heavy-duty pivot design, strong structure, and long-term wear resistance. Its knife base has relatively high strength.

2. The hydraulic shear for sale improves productivity through its special blade design, which can quickly and easily replace the blade, to reduce mechanical downtime and improve productivity.

3. A powerful hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic shear scissors greatly enhances the bite force of the jaw mouth and can cut hard steel.

4. The excavator metal shears are suitable for use in different operations, including the demolition of steel structures and the treatment of scrap steel. They can cut iron materials, steel, cans, pipes, etc. The unique planning and innovative way of the hydraulic shears ensures operation and strength. The cutting force is 15% higher than that of ordinary ones.

hydraulic metal shear for excavator
hydraulic metal shear for excavator

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Why Choose the Excavator Metal Shear?

The excavator scrap shear for the excavator is a building demolition attachment for the excavator. It can rotate 360 degrees. Easily reach any part of the scrapped car and accurately and quickly grasp the disintegration target. The knife edge is designed with a clamping groove, and the clamping force is strong, making it easy to clamp irregular materials and the design can be changed at any angle. The demolition attachment of the excavator is suitable for different operations, including the dismantling of scrap cars, the demolition of steel structures, the disposal of scrap steel, and other applications. It can cut iron materials, steel, cans, pipes, etc., with efficient operation and a strong powerful cutting force.

hydraulic shear for excavator
hydraulic shear for excavator

Hydraulic Shear for Excavator Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG Machinery provides various excavator metal shears for different excavators. Besides, we also supply construction engineering machines, demolition machines, steel processing machines, drilling equipment, and other machines. There are lots of machines for building projects, like hydraulic pile breakers, concrete wall saw, high-frequency wall saw, concrete wire saw, fog cannon machines, mini concrete pumps, mortar spraying machines, shotcrete machines, foam concrete machines, portable sandblasting machines, and so on. Are you looking for these machines? Welcome to get in touch with us for more information. Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18337123872

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