Rebar Threading Machine for Sale in Malaysia

Last month, we received an order for a rebar thread machine in Malaysia. The customer is from Malaysia, and he wanted to purchase a rebar threading tool for processing steel bars. When he was looking for a thread machine for steel rods on the Internet, he find the product on our website. He got in touch with us soon and showed much interest in the CNC thread roller. Our sale manager replied to him and send many related information about the equipment to him. He was satisfied with the machine and ordered it soon. Several days ago, we received his good feedback. The equipment is easy to operate and stable in running. Are you looking for a suitable automatic thread rolling machine? Do you find a reliable supplier? Get in touch with us, we will do our best to provide good equipment and service.

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thread rolling equipment in YG Machinery
thread rolling equipment in YG Machinery

The Parameters of Rebar Threading Machine for Sale in Malaysia

Model YGS-40 YGT-40 YGA-40
Type Standard type Upgrade type Full automatic type
Power voltage 380V/4kw 50Hz 380V/4kw 50Hz 380V/7.5kw 50Hz
Processing diameter range 16-40mm
Thread rolling length 0-80mm 0-80mm 0-100mm
Working efficiency 15s/forming 8s/forming One-touch auto forming
Machine weight 320kg 350kg 400kg
Dimension 115*50*106cm 110*60*130cm 126*70*106cm

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What Is Rebar Threading Machine?

A steel bar threading machine is used to process the end of the steel bar to the straight thread so as to realize the connection between steel bars or with other objects in construction engineering. Here are semi-automatic and automatic rebar threading machines for sale in Malaysia. For the automatic type, the operator just needs to put a steel bar on the reference position and set related data, and start the machine. While the semi-automatic type needs the operator to turn the feed handle manually after placing steel rods. If the output is small, the semi-automatic can meet the basic needs. But if you have requirements for the output or want to save manpower, the automatic type is a good choice.

rebar rolling machine in the factory
rebar rolling machine in the factory

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The Correct Use and Maintenance of the Thread Roller

  1. It is strictly forbidden to roll and process threads without coolant.
  2. The coolant must be water-soluble cutting fluid, and cannot use oily solution or replace with oil. In areas with cold weather, it needs to release the cutting fluid construction to prevent the cooling system from freezing.
  3. The end of the steel bar to be processed should be flat. Within the 500mm length of the end, the steel bar should be round and straight, with no bending.
  4. The round bar threading machine feeding speed should be uniform during the initial cutting and do not feed too sharply on the consideration of the blade and safety.
  5. Clear the sliding rod and sliding plate and coat them with mechanical lubricating oil frequently.
  6. Clean iron filings in time. And pay attention in a power-off state.
  7. The coolant should be cleaned every half month.
  8. The reducer should maintain sufficient lubricating oil. Observe the oil level from the oil indicator, and it should be about 115mm away from the bottom plane. Generally, replace the 46# mechanical oil once every 3-6 months.
  9. Maintain the rebar threading machine in Malaysia regularly, including cleaning the machine, adding lubricating grease, tightening screws, repairing damaged parts, etc. It can be carried out according to the general maintenance procedures of mechanical products.
  10. The chassis must be connected to reliably protective zero terminating or ground.
detailed part of the thread roller
detailed part of the thread roller

electric box in the CNC thread rolling machine
electric box in the CNC thread rolling machine

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Steel Bar Thread Rolling Machine Supplier

YG Machinery is a professional company to supply various steel bar processing machines. Our rebar threading machine has been sold in Malaysia, India, Kuwait, Armenia, Finland, Chile, Colombia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and so on. The common steel bar processing equipment for sale in YG Machinery includes rebar threading machines, rebar cutting machines, steel bar bending machines, stirrup bending machines, rebar straightening and bending machines, steel pipe shrinking machines, rebar derusting machines, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Email: Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18337123872

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