Portable Concrete Pump for Sale in Malaysia

YG-30 portable concrete pump for sale

We got an inquiry about the portable concrete pump from Malaysia several days ago. He told us he was planning to purchase a portable concrete pump for his engineering item. We confirmed some detailed information with him, for example, the horizontal convey distance, conveying height, the size of conveying material, and requirements about the production … Read more

Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine for sale in Denmark

automatic candy floss vending machine factory

A customer from Denmark purchased his first automatic cotton candy vending machine from our company in August 2023. After several months, he repurchased 11 sets of candy floss vending machines in our company to expand his business. At present, we have exported the equipment to nearly 20 countries. It’s popular in the local market. According … Read more

Mobile Platform Lift For Sale in Peru

mobile platform lift for sale

We received an inquiry about a mobile platform lift from Peru last month. Our sales manager confirmed his requirements for the mobile platform lift, such as the lifting height, working platform width, supply power, and so on. After receiving the equipment, our customer is greatly satisfied with it. Several days ago, he ordered on set … Read more

Small Down The Hole Drilling Rig for Sale in Mexico

small down the hole drilling rig for sale

At the beginning of December, we received an inquiry about the small down-the-hole drilling rig. We replied to him as soon as possible. After a few days of communication, we learned more about his requirements for the equipment. Our sales manager provided three types of drilling configurations. He finally chose one of them, the YGD100 … Read more

Rock Splitter Machine for Sale in New Zealand

rock splitter machine for sale

Rock splitter machine for sale in New Zealand is a hot product. Last month, we got an inquiry about the rock splitting machine from a customer in New Zealand. After receiving the message, our product replied to his questions and sent lots of information about the equipment to him. After a period of communication, the … Read more

Mini Concrete Pump for Sale in Indonesia

mini concrete pump machine for sale

At the end of the last month, we got an inquiry about the mini concrete pump from an Indonesian customer. He told us his requirements about the working efficiency and vertical and horizontal conveying distance. Our sales manager sent some detailed information about the mini concrete pump for sale to him. Finally, he told us … Read more

Cement Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale in Kenya

mortar spraying machine

Cement mortar spraying machine is the ideal construction machines in building projects. A customer from Kenya got in touch with us to learn more information about the equipment. Our sales manager discussed some details for the mortar spraying machine. Finally, the customer chooses the suitable model with 2 sets. The cement mortar spraying machine for … Read more

Wow! 13 Sets of Small Water Well Drilling Machines Exported to Japan

small water well drilling machines are preparing

At the beginning of November, we received an order of 13 sets of small water well drilling machines exported to Japan. We greatly appreciate our customer’s trust and we will do our best to provide the best equipment and pre-sale, sale, and after-service. We have prepared these machines and are ready to deliver them to … Read more

Cold Paint Road Marking Machines Sold to Jordan

the wooden package of the road marking machine display

Three sets of cold paint road marking machines were sold to Jordan yesterday. We received an inquiry from Jordan for the road line marking machine not long ago. Our sales manager got in touch with this customer for the first time. After several days of communication and confirmation, the customer finally purchased 3 sets of … Read more

What Is Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Used For?

diamond wire saw cutting

A diamond wire saw is a flexible cutting tool that works similarly to how a wire can cut through wood. After years of development, the diamond wire saw cutting was finally formed by coating the spiral steel wire with diamond for cutting soft marble. In recent years, diamond wire saw cutting has become a representative … Read more