Industrial Oxygen Generator for Sale in the Peru

In May because of the outbreak of the epidemic. The demand for oxygen generation equipment such as industrial oxygen generators, medical oxygen generators, 1L-10L oxygen generator machines, etc. Has also greatly increased. Richard Phillips, a customer from Peru, left his request for an industrial oxygen generator through the website. Our salesperson Amy Bai added WhatsApp … Read more

Oxygen Generator for Sale in India

Portable Oxygen Machine 1-6 Lmin

It is precise because of the outbreak of the epidemic in India that the demand for oxygen generators has increased. Recently, more and more customers have asked YG Machinery about the oxygen generator machine price through the website. Varun, a customer from India, asked about our 1L and 5L medical oxygen generators and prices through … Read more

Sandblasting Machine for Sale in Russia

Sandblasting Machine for Sale

On February 25, a customer from Russia checked the sandblasting machine for sale being sold through the website. Our sales manager John can get in touch as soon as possible. First introduced the model of our sandblasting equipment to the customer, and asked the customer’s needs. The customer told John that he wanted to deal … Read more

Cement Spraying Machine for Sale in United States

Cement Spraying Machine

On March 4th, we received an inquiry about the cement spraying machine from a US customer. Our account manager Sam Lee communicates with customers. The parameters, pictures, videos, and factory videos of the concrete spraying machine were sent to customers. Recognized by customers. The final customer decided to order 5 mortar spraying machines. Request A … Read more