Hydraulic Pile Breaker

Hydraulic pile breaker is a new, fast and efficient tool for the demolition of concrete structures. Suitable for cutting various pile foundation forms. The hydraulic pile breaking machine realizes high efficiency, low noise pile cutting, and modularization. Through the combination of different numbers of modules, the pile heads of different diameters can be cut. Our company has high-quality and durable pile breakers sold at low prices.

Hydraulic Pile Breaker
Hydraulic Pile Breaker

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Parameters of Pile Breaker for Sale:

Module Number PCS 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Combination of the total weight KG 1600 2640 2970 3300 3630 3960 4290 4620 4950 5280 5610 5940
Pile diameter range mm 400-600 600-800 800-1000 1000-1150 1150-1300 1300-1500 1500-1650 1650-1800 1800-1970 1970-2200 2200-2360 2360-2500
Hydraulic excavator T 20T-30T 30T-40T Hydraulic system/pump station
Max.Thrust 300KN Max.

Cylinder required

20L/min Machinery Tonnage ≥20T Location pin



Cylinder Trip

300mm Chisel diameter 110mm Single

module weight


Cylinder Pressure

300MPa Max.

Hoist Capacity

≤500mm Single




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Application Range of Hydraulic Pile Breaker:

The hydraulic pile breaker cuts and removes: such as cast-in-place piles, precast piles, etc.; from the shape of the broken pile head, it can be divided into a round pile breaker and a square pile breaker. Pile breakers are widely used in high-speed railway bridges, industrial and civil construction pile foundation projects. Generally, circular pile breaker machines are suitable for pile diameters between 600mm and 2500mm; square pile breakers are suitable for pile side lengths of 350-650mm, which can meet various types of large-scale piles. Requirements for foundation construction.

Pile Head Breaking Machine for Sale
Pile Head Breaking Machine for Sale

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The working principle of Pile Breaker Machine:

The pile cutting machine can break piles instantly. The speed of pile breaking is 10 times that of manual pile breaking. Through the remote control of construction machinery, safe and efficient pile head removal is realized, which can avoid the risk of personal injury caused by manual construction. The pile breaker machine is provided with the power of multiple cylinders through the hydraulic power station, which is connected by the module and the module through a quick connector and is equipped with a suitable concrete breaker machine according to different pile diameters.

Hydraulic Pile Cutter Manufacturers
Hydraulic Pile Cutter Manufacturers

Pile Breaker Factory
Pile Breaker Factory

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What are the Advantages of YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker:

  1. The hydraulic pile cutter equipped with a pile cutter machine has high efficiency and low noise.
  2. Adopting modularized propulsion, suitable for piles of different sizes, and the product has high practicability.
  3. The operating cost of the machine is lower than other similar products, saving money for users and reducing the company’s operating costs.
  4. The hydraulic concrete breaker has a simple structure, small size, light weight, convenient operation, no special skill training, quick job placement, and high work safety.
  5. The concrete breaker machine can be used in conjunction with various construction machinery to truly realize the dual performance of product versatility and economy.
  6. The product has been upgraded with humanity, low noise, no vibration, no impact during work, good working environment, and improve the efficiency of man-machine work.
Hydraulic Round Concrete Pile Crusher
Hydraulic Round Concrete Pile Crusher

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