Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine for sale in Denmark

A customer from Denmark purchased his first automatic cotton candy vending machine from our company in August 2023. After several months, he repurchased 11 sets of candy floss vending machines in our company to expand his business. At present, we have exported the equipment to nearly 20 countries. It’s popular in the local market. According to the data we received from our customers around the world, shows that the majority of the investors can earn its cost within 3 to 6 months. The earlier to start the business, the bigger the market is bigger. Are you looking for the equipment to start or expand your business? Get in touch with us to learn more details and the best price.

automatic candy floss vending machine factory
automatic candy floss vending machine factory

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Parameter of the Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Model 606 503 301 101
Cotton candy shapes 128 48 48 12
Sugar storage 12kg 8kg 4kg 4kg
Size 130*65*220cm 130*65*200cm 90*66*200cm 75*67*165cm
Wight 320kg 300kg 200kg 200kg
Sugar output 1kg sugar can make 30 cotton candy
Voltage optional 220/230/240/110/120V
Language display the machine supports 85 national languages and a bilingual display


YG-503 automatic cotton candy vending machine
YG-503 automatic cotton candy vending machine

What is the Science Behind the Automatic Candy Floss Machine?

The principle of making cotton candy is to use high temperatures to melt sugar into liquid syrup. Then high-speed rotating centrifuge throws the molten sugar liquid out through the micropores on the centrifuge. The syrup condenses into filaments when exposed to cold air, with a thin rod wrapped around the candy filaments, from where the machine comes out of the sugar filament, and wraps it around a few times to complete the cotton candy. The core component of the cotton candy making machine mainly relies on the metal grid of the centrifuge. The sugar filaments are squeezed out from the small holes in the metal grid. The fine sugar filaments will be evenly distributed and there won’t be sugar filaments floating all over the sky.

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Why Should You Choose Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine?

It has a sense of science and technology, the automatic candy floss vending machine for sale in Denmark is operated by the robot arm, and you can see it in operation outside. It is interesting to watch the production process for lots of people. Meanwhile, the color, shape and taste it made are the same as with manual ones, and the shape is even more beautiful, which is suitable for taking a photo to record. In addition, the investors not only do not need to make the cotton candy themselves but also do not need to monitor it always. The investor just needs to find a great place to rent and place and maintenance the machine regularly. It’s a profitable business. If you choose our machine, we will provide a professional after-sale team to help you with machine setting, adjusting, and debugging. If you are interested in the equipment, please get in touch with us now for more information.

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