YG-160 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

YG-160 model horizontal directional drilling rig produced by YG Machinery is construction equipment for laying many kinds of underground utilities such as pipelines and cables. It has the advantages of low cost, fast construction speed, and a wide range of applications. This equipment is widely used in the construction of pipeline laying for petroleum, electric power, water supply, natural gas, telecommunication, and gas, etc. It can adapt to a variety of strata such as sand, clay, and hard rock.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

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Technical Parameters:



Engine rated power

48 KW, 65HP

Rotation torque

3200 Nm

Swing speed

120 R/min

Push-pull effort

120 KN

Push and pull speed

10 m/min

Driving speed

Low speed 1200 m/h

High speed 1800m/h



Dimensions (L*W*H)

3.70m  * 1.80m  * 1.20m

Composition and working principle of horizontal directional drilling rig:

There are five major components of the horizontal directional drilling rig, which are: the drilling rig system, power system, directional control system, mud system, drilling tools and auxiliary tools.

Under the action of the power head, the drill bit drives the drill pipe to rotate and advance. In the process of drilling, the mud pump hits the expanded cement or mud through the drill pipe and drill bit. After the drill bit penetrates the ground with the drill pipe, remove the drill bit, install and fix the back expansion head with the drill pipe, and drag the power head back. And then drag the drill pipe back in reverse with the back expansion head to expand the diameter size of the pipe. At the same time, after fixing the pipe on the back expansion head. Finally, the power head drags the drill pipe, carries the expansion head and the pipe material, and carries out a reverse back-drag movement at the same time until drags the pipe material out of the ground, and the pipe laying construction is completed.

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Five Major Components:

  1. Drilling rig system: It is composed of a drilling rig mainframe, turntable, etc. It is the main body of the drilling operation and back-dragging operation of crossing equipment. The main rig is placed on the rig frame to complete the drilling and retracting operations. The turntable is installed in the front of the main rig, connected to the drill pipe, and changing the turntable steering and output speed and torque size. Finally, meet the requirements of different operating conditions.
  2. Power system: The power source is composed of a hydraulic power source and a generator. It provides high-pressure hydraulic oil for the drilling rig system as the power of the rig. And the generator provides power for the supporting electrical equipment and construction site lighting.
  3. Directional control system: The directional control system is a directional tool that monitors and controls the specific position of the drill bit in the ground and other parameters by computer to guide the drill bit to drill correctly. Due to the control of this system, the drill bit can be drilled according to the design curve. And now the YG-160 horizontal directional drilling machine often adopts two forms of the directional control system. They are handheld wireless type and wired type.
  4. Mud system: The mud system consists of a mud mixing tank, mud pump, and mud pipeline. It provides the drilling rig system with mud suitable for drilling conditions.
  5. Drilling tools and auxiliary tools: These are the tools used for drilling and reaming in the drilling rig. The drilling tools mainly include drill pipes, drill bits, mud motors, reamers, cutters, and other tools. They are suitable for various geological conditions. The auxiliary tools include snap rings, rotary joints, and dragging heads of various pipe diameters.
Horizontal Directional Drill
Horizontal Directional Drill

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Advantages of YG-160 Horizontal directional drill:

  1. The drill rig is compact in shape and can work in small spaces.
  2. Using powerful and reliable engines with high economy.
  3. Rotary double speed, pushing and pulling double speed to adapt to different working conditions and improve operation efficiency.
  4. Rotary push-pull motor with a high torque motor, stable performance.
  5. Push and pull rack and pinion drive, high efficiency and long life.
  6. The mast variable amplitude mechanism ensures that the drilling angle is adjustable from 13° to 28°. It can adapt to different lengths and different stratum construction conditions.
  7. The chassis of the YG-160 Horizontal directional drill is equipped with rubber tracks and a high-speed travel motor. Can improve the efficiency of the transfer, wired remote control operation (optional). The operator has a good view, and the safety of transferring to and from the vehicle is greatly improved.
  8. Imported hydraulic valve set, small pressure loss, impact resistance, high performance.
  9. High-quality mud pump with superior performance.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Other Drilling Rigs:

In addition to producing and selling different types of drilling rigs such as horizontal directional drilling rigs, water well drilling rig, and rotary drilling rigs. YG Machinery also has other types of construction machinery, for example, mortar spraying machines, hydraulic pile breakers, automatic sandblasting machines, crack sealing machines, concrete spraying machines, road marking machines, small concrete pumps, concrete wall saw, etc. So no matter what kind of engineering equipment you need, you can contact us, YG Machinery always has a piece of equipment suitable for you.

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