Pipe Shrinking Machine

The pipe shrinking machine is to shrink one end of the pipe through hydraulic pressure or to firmly buckle metal products on the desired hose or oil pipe. The steel pipe shrinking machine is mainly used for the reuse of waste steel pipes at construction sites, connecting long steel pipes and shortening joints as casing machines. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to use, and has a wide range of applications. It is the first-choice equipment on construction sites. In addition, we also have a electric tube bender, mini concrete pump, mortar spraying machine, portable sand blasting machine, anchor drilling machine, rebar upsetting machine, rebar derusting machine, and etc.

Pipe Shrinking Machine
Pipe Shrinking Machine

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Parameters of Hydraulic Pipe Shrinking Machine:

Product Name Hydraulic Pipe Shrinking Machine
Model Hydraulic-3 cylinder
Pipe Diameter 20-60mm
End Straight Max120mm
Pipe Thickness 1.5-3mm
Motor 3 kW
Voltage 380V,50Hz,3 phase
Working Speed 3000-5000pieces/day
Weight 600 kg
Packing Size 1800*700*1800mm

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Hydraulic Pipe Shrinking Machine
Hydraulic Pipe Shrinking Machine

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Working Principle of Steel Pipe Shrinking Machine

Through mechanical transmission, the steel pipe is driven to rotate, and one end of the steel pipe is heated by flame. When a certain temperature is reached, the heated steel pipe head is driven by a forming die until it reaches the required shape. The steel tube shrinking machine can realize shrinking, taking over, and connecting. Designed and manufactured using hydraulic component technology, it has the advantages of small size, lightweight, compact structure, simple operation, advanced oil circuit design, high efficiency, and reliable performance.

Hydraulic Tube Shrinking Machine
Hydraulic Tube Shrinking Machine

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Where is the Pipe Shrinking Machine Mainly Used?

The pipe shrinking machine is mainly used in construction sites. Iron pipes, square pipes, round pipes, galvanized pipes, stainless steel pipes for reducing diameter and neck expansion are ideal pipe end forming equipment. The steel tube shrinking machine is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low-pressure oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automobile air conditioning pipes, automobile power steering pipes, engine oil pipes, gasoline oil supply pipes, as well as construction accessories, daily hot water pipes. Used in industries such as vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding, and cutting equipment. The specifications of the shrinking machine required by different projects are different.

Electric Pipe Benders
Electric Pipe Benders

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Features of Hydraulic Pipe Shrinking Machine:

  1. Microcomputer control, hydraulic drive, manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation modes can be selected arbitrarily. The footswitch has multiple functions of start and emergency stop.
  2. It can be controlled by a single station, double station, three stations, and multiple stations. It can shrink and expand multiple times at the same time and use linear guides as the carrier to make it run smoothly, without wear, and with good product repeatability.
  3. The double-head shrinking machine can adjust the distance between the two heads according to the length of the processed pipe.
  4. Single clamping or double clamping can be selected according to the length of the pipe.
  5. The steel pipe shrinking machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency, and high safety factor. It is an ideal piece of equipment for the processing industry.
Steel Pipe Shrinking Machine
Steel Pipe Shrinking Machine

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Instructions for the Safe Operation of the Tube Shrinking Machine:

  1. When unloading the mold of the tube shrinking machine, the mold to be taken out must be moved to the bottom. When taking out the mold in the mold, one mold must be installed again. Four pieces cannot be taken out at the same time to avoid the inner mold of the tube shrinking machine from falling out.
  2. Semi-automatic tube shrinking machine, when the shrinking tube feeds, the person stands at the correct position and holds the tube material into the die with both hands. Do not use excessive force, and then push it evenly until it is in place to complete the removal of the tube material.
  3. In the normal operation of the automatic pipe shrinking machine, the operator should always pay attention to the work of the stroke guide rail and add lubricating oil to the guide rail no less than 4-5 times in a normal working day to ensure the normal operation of the guide rail.
  4. The contractor must wear earplugs or earmuffs during work.
  5. After getting off work on the same day, you must organize the post and maintain the machine daily, and fill in the equipment maintenance form carefully. After getting off work, the power switch and auxiliary gas must be turned off before leaving to get off work.
Pipe and Tube Shrinking Machine
Pipe and Tube Shrinking Machine

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General Troubleshooting:

  1. There is no magnetism during jog movement?

It should be checked from the magnetic line of the contactor to see if there is an open circuit, including the normally open contact of the contactor, the product line plug, and the stop button, whether it is damaged, or whether the inserted relay has tripped.

  1. There is a buzzing sound in the contactor during work?

Open the bottom cover of the contactor and clean the oil or rust on the two sides of the iron core.

  1. When using automatic, the time breaker works overtime.

The time breaker is damaged.

  1. The fuse is burned out when starting up.

The line is energized or the motor is burned out.

  1. No response to startup?

If the circuit is short-circuited during startup or frequent power failure, check whether the auxiliary contact of the contactor and the product line plug is damaged and whether the button is stuck.

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