Concrete Wire Saw for Sale

Concrete wire saw for sale is a kind of cutting and demolition equipment for thick concrete and irregular concrete. For instance, it needs to use the wire saw machine if partially dismantling the reinforced concrete beams, columns, bridges, floors, stone processing, and other building foundation concrete structures. The method of use is flexible, and both horizontal and vertical cutting can realize. The wire saw cutting machine is usually divided into electric rope saw machines and hydraulic rope saw machines according to the power supply. There is a concrete cutting rope saw, mining rope saw and marble granite shaping processing rope saw on the basis of different cutting uses and needs. Various types are optional in our company. Get in touch with us to get more information. [Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat]: +86 18337123872

hydraulic concrete wire saw for sale
hydraulic concrete wire saw for sale

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Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Concrete Wire Saw for Sale

The hydraulic wire saw is a new generation of fully automatic reinforced concrete cutting wire saw developed by our company on the basis of many years of construction and product design experience. The equipment has strong power. And it adopts the Australian motor and Italy hydraulic component to ensure the lightest weight design under the same volume and ensures that the incision is straight and neat during construction, without trimming treatment. And it can cut on reinforced concrete, ceramics, and glass, with no vibration, low noise, and accurate positioning during work. It is very suitable for cutting complex sections. The hydraulic wire saw machine is widely used for reinforcing and renovating houses, bridges, floors, beams, and other cutting and demolition industries. It mainly includes the combination of a hydraulic wire saw unit and hydraulic power station group, with the directional wheel universal wheel and rope for cutting operations.

hydraulic wire saw machine
hydraulic wire saw machine

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YG-25 Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine Parameter

YG-25 power station parameter YG-25 frame parameter
The motor of the output power 25Kw Max. Speed of revolution 25kw The diameter of the main wheels 330mm
Power 380V/50Hz Power 30m/s Height 900mm
Max. pressure 38Mpa Tensing the motor suitable pressure 21Mpa 21Mpa Working height 1350mm
power station weight 295kg Frame weight 170kg Wight 470kg

Characteristics of Hydraulic Wire Saw

The portable vertical all-aluminum single-person operable hydraulic wire saw produced by our factory can realize various cutting of thicker concrete. It is the most suitable cutting construction equipment for cutting, demolishing, and repairing concrete walls, bridges, and pillars. The hydraulic stone cutting machine is suitable for densely packed reinforced concrete structures, and even underwater cutting operations of 30 meters to 50 meters. The hydraulic wire saw can meet the cutting depth that the wall saw cannot reach, and the cutting depth has no limitation. At present, it is the leading advanced cutting construction equipment, widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and wharves, replacing the traditional methods of strong impact chiseling, drilling, and sandblasting construction.

hydraulic wire saw cutting machine
hydraulic wire saw cutting machine

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Wire Saw


  1. In actual construction, sometimes the saw head can be fixed by directly pressing the bottom corner without using expansion screws, thus greatly reducing the damage to the concrete cutting.
  2. There is no need for a large amount of cooling water. The electric wire saw machine does not need a large amount of cooling water, it only needs to add cooling water to the head of the rope, and it can work for a long time.
  3. It can use household electricity, eliminating the need for a hydraulic system, so the cost is much lower.


  1. It is not as flexible as the hydraulic wire saw, especially for the narrow construction surface, it will lose to the hydraulic wire saw.
  2. The power is not as strong as the hydraulic one, and the efficiency is slower than that of the hydraulic wire saw machine.
electric concret wire saw for sale
electric concret wire saw for sale

Parameter of Electric Concrete Wire Saw for Sale

Rope drive system Electric
Rope tightening method Electric
Maximum rope drive power 15/ 18.5/22kw
Maximum rope-tightening power 0.3kw
Spindle output speed 980r/min
Maximum line speed of the rope 28m/s
Maximum size of the driving wheel 500mm
Operating voltage 380V
Voltage frequency 50Hz
Wiring requirements 10m2, 3-phase, five-wire
Weight 350kg

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Wire Saw Stone Cutting Machine

The stone wire saw machine mainly applies to the mining and processing of marble and granite mine blocks. The use of the mine wire saw can not be limited by the size of the stone and can be cut in any direction, such as cross-cut, vertical, diagonal, and so on. Using the wire saw can cut stone products with a smooth cutting surface, neat cutting edge, precise processing surface contour, standard size, and small cutting seam. And it can be controlled remotely for underwater cutting. At present, the commonly used specifications on the market are 37KW 45KW 55KW 75KW. And mining is mainly based on 55KW and 75KW.

concret wire saw for sale
concret wire saw for sale

Technical Data of the Stone Wire Saw

Model YGSD37/6 YGSD45/6 YGSD55/6 YGSD75/6
Power 41kw 49kw 59kw 79kw
Motor power 37kw 45kw 55kw 75kw
Motor rated speed 1000r/min
Motor flywheel diameter 700mm 800mm
Wire saw speed 0-40m/s
Rope length 20-80m 20-100m 20-120m 20-150m
Wheeling power 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Moving distance horizontal 1800mm 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm
Rotational angle 360°
Walking speed of the equipment 0-40m/h
Track length 2MX4
Permissive temperature -15~+40
weight 2.2T 2.3T 2.6T 3.3T
Dimension 1850*1200*1300mm 2000*1300*1350mm

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Main Parts of the Diamond Wire Saw

The diamond concrete wire saw for sale consists of the following components of base, the body set perpendicular to the base, the wire saw cutting mechanism, the wire saw tension adjustment mechanism, the photoelectric reader, the workbench And workbench support seat, the computer control system, etc. The use of wire saws can also reduce the waste of stone resources. Besides, it also improves the yield of stone products and gets rid of construction vibration noise, dust, and other environmental problems. The efficiency is extremely high.

stone cutting wire saw machine
stone cutting wire saw machine

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Five Tips about the Attention of Concrete Wire Saw for Sale

  1. Read instructions carefully before operating the wire saw machine. And it’s better to study with a professional operator.
  2. Do not place it in a space that children can reach. Not a wet place, direct sunlight exposure space, or an explosive or flammable atmosphere.
  3. Check out the machine overall and tighten the loose parts before starting it.
  4. Replace the worn wire timely that is not beneficial to cutting efficiency.
  5. If there is something wrong during checking, please stop the machine and do not use it before repairing it. Do not repair it yourselves. Please contact us the first time. And we will reply to you as soon as possible so as to deal with the problem.

Wire Saw Manufacturer – YG Machinery

Our company provides a lot of cutting and demolition equipment for construction projects except the concrete wire saw for sale. The related equipment mainly including concrete wall saws, hydraulic pile breakers, rock splitter machines, concrete splitters, horizontal directional drilling rigs, small water well drilling machines, etc. In addition, we also supply other construction equipment and steel bar processing machine, such as mortar spraying machines, portable sandblasting machines, road marking machines, crack sealing machines, mini concrete pumps, rebar cutting machines, steel bar bending machines, rebar straightening and cutting machine, and so on. Contact us for more info. [Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat]: +86 18337123872

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