Rock Splitter Machine for Sale in New Zealand

Rock splitter machine for sale in New Zealand is a hot product. Last month, we got an inquiry about the rock splitting machine from a customer in New Zealand. After receiving the message, our product replied to his questions and sent lots of information about the equipment to him. After a period of communication, the customer finally decided to purchase 3 sets of YG-350 hydraulic rock splitter machines. Are you looking for a rock splitting machine with a small size and strong power? Do you want to cooperate with a reliable manufacturer and supplier? Get in touch with us to get more details.

rock splitter machine for sale
rock splitter machine for sale

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Main Data of the Rock Splitter Machine for Sale in New Zealand

Model YG-350
Wedge length 350/620mm
Piston stroke 90/220mm
Drilling depth >700mm
Hole diameter 46mm
Crack width 10-20mm
Cleavage time 10-15/s
Splitting power 800t
Weight 30kg

Matters need attention about the Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Before the hydraulic oil is returned, please do not shake the splitting gun. When pulling out the splitting gun, be careful not to shake it from side to side. Do not use it as a crowbar in case of damage to the splitting block. After using the rock splitter machine, please clean the splitting block and the middle wedge in time. Do not use water to avoid rust. Before using the splitting gun, please use lubricating oil to smear the splitting block and the middle wedge to keep it lubricated.

the splitting block and the middle wedge
the splitting block and the middle wedge

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Applications Range of the Rock Concrete Machine

The rock splitter machine is widely used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, ore mining operations, etc, mainly as follows.

  1. Building demolition, partial demolition of buildings, demolition of bridges, piers, and underwater structures.
  2. In terms of construction, the removal of pile heads of buildings, bridges, and foundations, the opening of concrete walls, the excavation and excavation of small rock tunnels, tunnels, and trenches, and the crushing and removal of underwater rocks or buildings in navigation dredging.
  3. Mining quarries, ore second change, mining and splitting of marble, granite, sandstone, and other precious stones, etc.
  4. Splitting and crushing of steel slag
applications display of the rock splitter machine
applications display of the rock splitter machine

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Rock Splitter Machine for Sale

The hydraulic rock splitter machine for sale is an advanced splitting equipment based on the hydraulic principle, which splits hard materials by applying horizontal pressure. The key reason why the hydraulic concrete splitter can achieve this function lies in its unique splitting principle. Its splitting principle is simple and effective and has the advantages of regulating performance, safety, and efficiency. According to the type of power station, it can be divided into two types: electric type and diesel type. Compared with traditional operating methods, this splitting machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, low cost, safety, energy saving, etc. It is widely used in mining, construction, and demolition projects and plays an important role in improving work efficiency and ensuring worker safety.

hydraulic rock splitter
hydraulic rock splitter

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Other Related Construction Machines in YG Machinery

In addition to the rock splitter machine, our company provides other kinds of engineering machines as a professional construction machine manufacturer and supplier. The common building machines for sale include hydraulic pile breakers, concrete wall saw machines, concrete wire saws, excavator metal shears, mini concrete pumps, mortar spraying machines, concrete shotcrete machines, foam concrete machines, floor shot blasters, fog cannon machines, mobile scissor lift platform, mini spider cranes, block brick making machines, mini crawler excavator machines, mini road rollers, and so on. If you are interested in these machines, please get in touch with us to get more detailed information.

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