Portable Concrete Pump for Sale in Malaysia

We got an inquiry about the portable concrete pump from Malaysia several days ago. He told us he was planning to purchase a portable concrete pump for his engineering item. We confirmed some detailed information with him, for example, the horizontal convey distance, conveying height, the size of conveying material, and requirements about the production capacity. After nearly one week of communicating, he finally decided to buy from us. We felt honored that we could build a cooperative relationship with him. And we hope to cooperate with more customers in the future.

YG-30 portable concrete pump for sale
YG-30 portable concrete pump for sale

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Categories of the Concrete Pump Machine

Concrete conveying pump consists of a pump body and conveying pipe. It is mainly used in house construction, bridges, and tunnel construction. According to the structure and use, they are divided into trailer concrete pumps, truck-mounted pumps, and pump trucks. From the view of power type, they are divided into electric type and diesel-powered type.


Parameter of the Portable Concrete Pump for Sale in MalaysiaNine

Model YG-30
Work efficiency 13-15m³/h
Vertical conveying distance 20-60m
Horizontal conveying distance 50-150m
Power diesel engine
Aggregate size 0-3cm
Working pressure 20mpa
Convey pipe diameter 80-125mm
Dimension 3800*1600*1800mm
Weight 1500-2000kg
mobile concrete conveying pump
mobile concrete conveying pump

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Attention Points about the Mobile Concrete Pump?

(1) Operators and relevant equipment managers should read the instruction manual carefully before turning on the machine.

(2) The ground supporting the portable concrete pump for sale in Malaysia should be flat and solid. The whole machine should be placed horizontally and should not be tilted during work.

(3) Piping should be carried out according to the characteristics of the construction site and the concrete pouring plan.

(4) When matching vertical upward piping, as the height increases, this is, the potential energy increases, and the concrete has a tendency to flow back. Therefore, a horizontal pipe of a certain length should be laid between the concrete pump and the vertical piping to ensure sufficient resistance to the concrete.

(5) After the concrete pump is connected to the delivery pipe, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out in accordance with the instructions for the use of the concrete pump.

(6) When construction in hot seasons, it is advisable to cover the concrete delivery pipe with a wet cloth to avoid sunlight.

(7) When carrying out concrete pumping construction in winter or in severe cold areas, appropriate insulation measures should be taken. It is advisable to wrap the concrete delivery pipe with insulation material to prevent the concrete in the pipe from freezing.

(8) To ensure the continuity of concrete pumping operations and ensure the quality of concrete pouring, the interval between operations should not be too long to prevent blockage.

(9) Safety and accident prevention devices should be installed at the construction site, such as instructions and warning signs, fences, metal baffles, etc., set up a necessary working area (not less than 1 meter) around the pump, and non-operators are not allowed to enter without permission. Regularly replace the delivery pipeline within three meters of the operator, which needs to be tightened with wooden boards or blocked by metal partitions.

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