Industrial Oxygen Generator for Sale in the Peru

In May because of the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for oxygen generation equipment such as industrial oxygen generators, medical oxygen generators, 1L-10L oxygen generator machines, etc. Richard Phillips, a customer from Peru, left his request for an industrial oxygen generator through the website. Our salesperson Amy Bai added WhatsApp to communicate with the customer to achieve his needs for hourly output, voltage, altitude, and other factors.

Industrial Oxygen Generator
Industrial Oxygen Generator

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 Parameter of Oxygen Plant and Generator:

Model No. Flow Rate Purity
YGFO-5 5 93±2%
YGFO-10 10 93±2%
YGFO-20 20 93±2%
YGFO-30 30 93±2%
YGFO-40 40 93±2%
YGFO-50 50 93±2%
YGFO-60 60 93±2%
YGFO-70 70 93±2%
YGFO-80 80 93±2%
YGFO-100 100 93±2%
YGFO-120 120 93±2%
YGFO-150 150 93±2%
YGFO-180 180 93±2%
YGFO-200 200 93±2%

Best Oxygen Generator Machine in 2021 | Lowest Price

The price of each industrial oxygen generator is different. Different altitudes, different outputs, and different countries require different voltages and different filling pressures. Therefore, each industrial oxygen generator is customized according to reality. Of course, the price is also different.
The customer ordered a set of 90m³/h oxygen production equipment and 20 oxygen tanks after our salesperson communicated with the customer. Because each device is customized, there is a 10-day lead time. If you want to know more about the price of industrial oxygen generators. Please click on the message box below.

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator
Industrial Oxygen Concentrator

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How Does an Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Work?

An oxygen generator machine, with an oxygen concentration of up to 95%, is used to replace bottled oxygen and avoid the risk of explosion of bottled oxygen. The principle of the industrial oxygen generator is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed with high density and then the difference in the condensation point of each component in the air is used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then it is obtained by further rectification. It is not only suitable for use in large-scale centralized oxygen supply places such as hospitals but also suitable for small-scale and dispersed industrial areas.

Oxygen Generator Manufacturer
Oxygen Generator Manufacturer

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Features of Industrial Oxygen Generator/Concentrator

  1. The compressed air is equipped with an air purification and a drying treatment device, clean and dry air is conducive to the long-term service life of the molecular sieve.
  2. The new pneumatic shut-off valve adopted has a fast opening and closing speed, no leakage, and long service life. It can meet the frequent use of the pressure swing adsorption process and has high reliability.
  3. Perfect process design, selection of new molecular sieve.
  4. Adopt a new oxygen production section, continuously optimize device design, and reduce energy consumption and capital investment.
  5. The equipment has a compact structure design, which reduces the floor space.
  6. The machine has stable performance, adopts PLC control, can realize fully automatic operation, and has a low annual operating failure rate.
Medical Oxygen Gas Generator
Medical Oxygen Gas Generator

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YG Machinery can not only provide you with an oxygen concentrator machine. But also a nitrogen generator for sale, glove making machine, meltblown machines, disinfection doors, tissue paper making machines, and wet wipe machines to choose from. YG Machinery Company sells various construction machinery. For example, water well drilling rigsanchoring drilling rigs, core drilling rigs, and pile breaker machines.  mortar spraying machines, automatic sandblasting machines, fog cannon machines, etc. Now send an email to Get more product information and prices.

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