Are Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Machines Really Profitable?

robot cotton floss machine

Nowadays, fully automatic cotton candy machines can be seen almost everywhere in the streets and alleys. They are deeply loved by consumers because of their high automation, unrestricted time, and convenient payment. Do the automatic cotton candy vending machines really make money? Browsing the article you will have the answer. What Are the Robot Cotton … Read more

How to Choose An Paper Coffee Cup Making Machine?

disposable paper coffee cups

Paper cups are widely used in public places as disposable cups, such as in restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, beverage stores, and others. Do you know how to choose an excellent disposable paper coffee cup-making machine? There are five tips about this topic as follows. 1. Automation of the Equipment There are manual, semi-automatic, and … Read more

Automatic Cotton Candy Machine Price in India

automatic cotton candy machine for sale in India

Automatic cotton candy machine price in India draws a lot of people’s attention. Most Indian customers are concerned about the equipment price, delivery expense, and sending address. A customer named Gino from India got in touch with us and asked for some details about the fully automatic cotton candy machine. Our sale manager provided a … Read more

Concrete Splitter for Sale in South Africa

concrete splitter for sale

Concrete splitter for sale in South Africa is usually used for rock splitting in construction projects, ores mining, house demolition, etc. A customer from South Africa wanted to purchase rock splitting equipment. He got in touch with us at the end of June. Our sale manager communicate with him and discussed the concrete splitter a … Read more

Portable Sandblasting Machine Sold to Philippines

portable sandblasting machine for sale

A portable sandblasting machine was sold to Philippines this week. The Philippine customer looked for the equipment on our website and sent an inquiry about it. Our sales manager get in touch with him at once. After several days of communication, the customer gradually had a clear requirement for the sandblasting capacity. Finally, he bought the … Read more

Mortar Spraying Machine for Sale in Indonesia

Mortar Spraying Machine with Diesel Engine

A customer in Indonesia was looking for a mortar spraying machine several days before. He browsed our website and send an inquiry for the cement sprayer machine. He told us he wanted to purchase a mortar spraying machine for decorating walls on the building sites. Considering all factors comprehensively, he finally selected a diesel-type mortar … Read more

YG-380 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale in Mexico

YG-380 thermoplastic road marking machine

Thermoplastic road marking machine for sale is popular in pavement construction, like urban roads, rural roads, expressways, airports, parking lots, plants, etc. A customer from Mexico get in touch with us last month, he wanted to choose and purchase a road marking machine for painting roads. Our salesperson Melinda replied to him quickly and asked … Read more