Cement Spraying Machine for Sale in United States

On March 4th, we received an inquiry about the cement spraying machine from a US customer. Our account manager Sam Lee communicates with customers. The parameters, pictures, videos, and factory videos of the concrete spraying machine were sent to customers. Recognized by customers. The final customer decided to order 5 mortar spraying machines.

Cement Spraying Machine
Cement Spraying Machine

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Parameter of Cement Spraying Machine

Model YG-PZ3 YG-PZ6 YG-PZ7
Product capacity 3m³/h 6m³/h 7m³/h
Maximum delivery distance 200m 200m 200m
Practical material water-cement ratio <0.4 <0.4 <0.4
Biggest bone grain size of fire 20mm 20mm 20mm
Rotor block 350mm 440mm 480mm
Working pressure 0.4-0.6mpa 0.4-0.6mpa 0.4-0.6mpa
Blast consumption 3-4m³/h 6-8m³/h 7-8m³/h
Motor power 3kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Dimension 1040*550*950 1300*705*1300 1600*750*1200
Weight 260kg 600kg 700kg

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Concrete Mortar Spraying Machine
Concrete Mortar Spraying Machine

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Cement Morter Spraying Machine for Sale

The cement plaster spray machine is a screw-type with a high-pressure mortar spraying machine. It is mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying, exterior wall insulation material mortar spraying, and refractory spraying. One machine has multiple functions and is not affected by regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the spraying surface.

Stucco Spray Machine
Stucco Spray Machine

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What are the Advantages of Cement Spraying Machines?

  1. The operation of the mortar spraying machine is very simple. No need to set up scaffolding or any mobile equipment, you can freely spray on the yin and yang corners and the ceiling. Not only can the construction period be shortened, but also other costs can be saved.
  2. The work efficiency of the concrete mortar spraying machine is high. Compared with manual work, work efficiency is improved by more than a little bit. Moreover, if the mortar spraying machine is used for construction, there is basically no floor dust, which is cleaner and saves materials.
  3. The working quality of the mortar spraying equipment is also very high. The mortar spraying machine can mix the material very uniformly, so the material can give full play to its characteristics.
  4. Suitable spray materials: putty powder, paint, latex paint, real stone paint, cement mortar, dry powder mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof material, thermal insulation material, sound-absorbing material, and other water-soluble materials.
  5. Adjust the approximate amount to adjust the spraying ends.
  6. In addition to the switch on the electric control box, it is also equipped with a remote control switch for spraying.
  7. The connection between the spray gun and the feeding pipe can be twisted for easy operation.
  8. Small size, easy to carry the on-site, low cost of accessories and simple maintenance.
Cement Plaster Spraying Machine
Cement Plaster Spraying Machine

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Mortar Sprayer Manufacturer

Use a cement plaster spray machine for spraying. The spraying force of the equipment is stable and uniform, which can make the mortar adhere firmly, so as to avoid the occurrence of hollowing, cracks, and peeling. It can be said that the construction quality of the plastering project is greatly improved. YG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in mini concrete pumps, shotcrete machines, sandblasting machines, foam concrete machines, rock splitter machines, hydraulic pile breakers, concrete floor grinding machines, etc.; If necessary, please feel free to contact us at WhatsApp+86 18337123872 or email us admin@ygbuildingpro.com.

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